Celebrating Success: Dynamo Freight’s Year-End Holiday Party

The team at Dynamo Freight, a 3rd party logistics company that specializes the transportation of goods across the United States, stands in front of a backdrop at the end of the year celebration. This celebration was to honor two industry leading awards that the company had received, as well as celebrate the employees hard work throughout they year 2023.

Last week, Dynamo Freight hosted our year-end holiday party, a night dedicated to honoring our hardworking team and their spouses for their dedication throughout 2023.

The event began with a lively cocktail hour, followed by a delightful dinner where we shared good food and appreciation among colleagues.

Highlighting our year were two prestigious industry awards: the project44 Preferred Carrier Award and the Dollar General Best New Carrier Award. These accolades underscore our commitment and trust within the industry. Project44’s Preferred Carrier program recognizes the carriers that go above and beyond to provide an exceptional supply chain visibility experience to their customers. This year’s list includes 2,500+ dedicated carriers in 59 countries across five continents, representing just two percent of project44’s extensive carrier network. In addition to project44, The “Best New Carrier” award from Dollar General is a testament to Dynamo Freight’s outstanding performance and dedication to delivering exceptional logistics solutions. Dollar General, one of the largest retail chains in the United States, awarded this accolade in recognition of Dynamo Freight’s exceptional service, reliability, and innovation in meeting their supply chain needs.

We celebrated the individual contributions of five remarkable team members whose dedication stood out. Daniel Sweigart was honored as the recipient of the Top Sales Award, showcasing his exceptional prowess in driving results. Shani Songer received the Top Load Coverage Award, recognizing her commitment to ensuring seamless operations. Tristan Harden was acknowledged as the I.T. Peer Mentor, showcasing his invaluable support and guidance. Courtney Prawucki’s exceptional skills earned her the Top Scheduling Award, highlighting her efficiency in managing operations. Lastly, Angel Martinez was celebrated as the Rookie of the Year, showcasing immense promise and dedication in their inaugural year with Dynamo Freight.

The evening was filled with heartfelt speeches, expressing gratitude for our collective achievements in 2023.

As we bid farewell to this remarkable year, Dynamo Freight extends sincere thanks to our team and their families for their unwavering support. Together, we’ve accomplished great things.

Here’s to a bright future ahead as we continue our journey toward excellence.

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