Dynamo Spotlight – Steven Murcko

At Dynamo Freight, our team comprises a diverse mix of individuals, each contributing their distinct backgrounds, skills, and perspectives. We firmly believe that this diversity fosters strength and innovation within our group. Today, we’re excited to showcase one outstanding team member whose story exemplifies the power and richness of our diverse workforce.

We sat down with Steven Murcko to understand what keeps him moving each day while working at Dynamo Freight.

What initially drew you to join Dynamo Freight, and how has your journey been since joining the team?

I had been working at my previous job for so long and was ready for a fresh start but not exactly sure of what career. The moment I was drawn to Dynamo was the first phone call. Hearing what it’s all about and the unlimited potential each employee has was an exciting thing to hear. Then when I had my in person interview it was everything I knew I was looking for in my fresh start.

Could you share a typical day or week in your role at Dynamo Freight, and what do you find most fulfilling about it?

A typical day here is kind of hard to describe because very rarely is one day like the other, the only thing that is guaranteed is that you’ve got to be detail oriented in everything you do. Whether it’s check calls, covering loads or setting flags.

What unique skills or perspectives do you bring to your position here?

I would say my willingness to learn, be coached, and take constructive criticism are huge here. Especially by just concluding my first month here, I can say if you aren’t willing to learn and be coached you won’t make the progress you’re looking for.

In your opinion, what sets Dynamo Freight apart from other third-party logistics companies?

Our attention to detail and communication. From the minute you walk in for training on the first day those two things are driven home, and every day since then. We communicate with our customers, drivers, DC’s and anyone in-between for the entire life of a load. Even with my co-workers – attention to detail in communication is key to our success.

If you could go back in time and tell yourself one thing about your job search, what would it be?

Look for a place that you genuinely know you are making a difference at and a place that wants to see you grow and excel in your professional career. I’ve been here for about a month and I can confidently say those two things are true about Dynamo Freight.

How do you think your role contributes to the company’s overall success and mission?

Without a doubt my passion for being a team player. When you start a job sometimes it can take some time to feel like you are making any kind of impact, but here even if you don’t think you are your coworkers and managers don’t shy away from reassuring you that you are making a positive impact.

What’s the most significant lesson or skill you’ve learned since working at Dynamo Freight?

Throughout my football career and professional career, I’ve always believed I could be mistake free. I try my best every day to be, but I’m learning here that it isn’t about being mistake free, it just isn’t realistic in this profession. I’m learning it’s about learning from those mistakes and doing everything you can to not repeat history.

How would you describe the company culture at Dynamo Freight, and how does it support employee growth and development?

High Energy. Even on Mondays there is high energy. The culture is very obviously shown each day with each person’s willingness to help one another – It makes learning and working each day all the easier.

What advice would you give to someone interested in joining Dynamo Freight or pursuing a career in the logistics industry?

To the logistics side of this I would tell anyone that “thinks” they know about logistics, that they probably don’t. I sure didn’t know. If you are looking for a career opportunity in general and like the idea of working in logistics but also want a career that gives you a lot of opportunities to advance, Dynamo Freight is the place. You won’t find better leaders and coworkers that will help get you to where you want to be.

Outside of work, what passions or hobbies do you pursue, and how do they complement or influence your professional life at Dynamo Freight?

I can go on and on about different passions I have but I’ll touch on a big one. I love the Pittsburgh Pirates more than most. This relates to my professional career because if I haven’t given up on Pittsburgh Pirates baseball in my life, there is no challenge ill face at Dynamo Freight that I’ll ever give up on… LOL

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